Saturday, June 18, 2005

[General] Internet@Home

For the past one year we have been using the Dishnet DSL broadband connection. The data rate we used to get was pretty good. The only major grouse we had with the connection, was that the cable laid between the nearest hub and my place was frequently getting cut due to uprooting of trees, poles, etc. For the past couple of months my downtime was as high as 70%.

That is when we felt that we need to change our ISP. We have now moved over to BSNL's DataOne service whose cables are laid underground. It is only the second day of using the service. So I cannot give any comments about the QoS as yet.

On an unrelated note, we had dinner yesterday at Karavalli. The food there was excellent and so was the ambience. Everbody really liked the place. And the food ofcourse ;-)

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